A controlled slow release granular feed for edible plants. incredicrop® uses new technology in the marketplace that has been used on a commercial basis for several years, but is now available to home gardeners for the first time.

The controlled slow-release feeds Double Nitrogen Technology to promote vigorous green growth and bumper crops. Incredicrop has a unique NPK ratio combined with trace elements to suit edible crops. Nitrogen is released in two phases in perfect sync with plant needs, avoiding wastage, which is often a problem with other fertilisers. Part of the nitrogen is stabilised in a slow release granule to gradually break down over the first few weeks to kick-start plants into piling on growth. The second part is released through controlled release polymer coated granules that deliver less or more nutrients depending on temperature and moisture levels, again matching plant needs for optimal crops. What’s more, trial results have indicated up to 400% more fruit from edible crops (tomato trials). The high ratio of nitrogen encourage short internodes between each node, leading to more nodes per stem, and more nodes leader to more crops.

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